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Poaching Is Brutal

Poaching Is Brutal

Poaching is the illegal hunting of wild animals. Poachers are criminals as they break the law by hunting game illegally in Southern Africa. In order to do a legal hunt the rifle must be licensed and the person handling the rifle must be in possession of a competency certificate to do so.

A license to hunt is purchased from the local wild life Authority and an ethical hunt is so conducted on an animal of which the numbers have increased to such an extend in a protected area that the species might destroy it habitat to such an extend that the species will actually decrease and all die a horrible death starving to death due to a lack of food! By selectively taking off the old weak and sick the species is protected from this brutal death! In nature this is a natural selection process carried out by the different predators. Human hunters full fill the role of predators in protected areas where there are no predators.

A poacher on the other hand is driven by greed and uses hunger and poverty as an excuse. They have to sneak in at night and operate just like the thieves that they are to obtain their quarry!  They have to move in clandestine gangs, mostly at night and set traps or poison water holes killing indiscriminately.  Poachers some times hunt endangered species like Rhino for instance. Poached Rhino numbers are soaring through the roof and is the highest ever recorded in South Africa! When poachers target Rhino they will use unlicensed fire arms, sometimes automatic rifles designed to kill human’s not thick skinned animals, resulting in a prolonged death!

The other method of killing a Rhino is to set a snare made of thick steel cable in the footpath of the Rhino. The Rhino is then snared around any one of its feet. Rhinos weight up to 2900 kg Males and 2300 kg in Females and are from birth accustomed to use its body weight to crush through vegetation and will definitely do the same once the steel cable holds back the animal! They will keep on pulling and pulling until such time as the steel cable starts biting into the skin. This snare will hold the Rhino for days on end and the Rhino will die from dehydration and starvation! C.O.D. is normally dehydration!    Many Rhino carcases were found meters away from water. The poacher will visit the snares and remove only the horns!

During bright moonlight nights poachers sneak into protected areas and look for Rhino. On these operations they will carry their tools of the trade axes for hacking of the horns, illegal hunting rifle to shoot the Rhino on site and sometimes an automatic rifle to fight the anti poaching teams! They will look for a Rhino close to a border fence with access to roads to escape on.

The organized poaching syndicates have access to helicopters, dart guns and excellent night vision equipment and these are the most ruthless persons to encounter! The will chemically immobilize a Rhino, land with the helicopter and remove the horn and the horn fluid! A new sought after product! A chemically immobilized Rhino is just left by it self on the ground with gaping wounds to wake up by it self to die of the massive wounds where the proud horns were once.

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