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Inniwater Festival

Inniwater Festival
White Rhino in Kruger National PArk

Rhino Buddies would love if these are all protected!

Press Release to all media.
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From Rhino Buddies
Inniwater fees 2012
It is with great disappointment that Rhino Buddies®, a non profit company for the preservation of Rhinos and other wild life have to announce that Rhino Buddies will not be at Inniwater fees 2012 with a sponsored awareness project.
This unfortunate turn of events is the full responsibility of the Inniwater fees committee. The need of the Rhino Buddies® exhibition is 24m². Part of the exhibition is a counter poaching video and physical examples of poaching equipment and other visible aids. All this is possible with the gracious sponsorship of Rock Hard Weekend®. This was communicated with me. Junita Vermaak the Coordinator of the festival and an area big enough was allocated to Rhino Buddies initially.
Upon arrival this morning to set up the area originally allocated for Rhino Buddies were allocated to somebody else and an unsuitable area much smaller were given instead! The implication and result of this smaller area is that the compromise between rhino awareness and sponsor exposure does not allow for proper exposure to both.  The aim of the exhibition of Rhino Buddies at the Inniwater fees was to create awareness of the plight of the rhinos and this was made possible by the sponsorship of Rock Hard Weekend®!
Rhino Buddies management hereby officially apologise to Rock Hard Weekend® and other sponsors as well as all Rhino Buddies for not being able to full fill their mandate to actively create awareness of the death of the more than 410 rhinos that was poached this year alone as well as the thousands that still needs to be protected.

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