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No More! No More “Renoster Horing Fees” for 2013!!!!!!

No More! No More “Renoster Horing Fees” for 2013!!!!!!

Renoster Horing Fees Aktiwiteite kLEUR FINAL FLAT

No More! No More “Renoster Horing Fees” for 2013. We have been informed by a trusted source that the East Rand  Honorary Rangers of South African National Parks and Forever Resorts Loskop Dam is not going to present another “Renoster Horing Fees” this year!  This was confirmed by Amanda from Forever Resorts Loskop Dam. The reason why Forever Resorts have decreased its sponsorship is unknown as management have not used the opportunity to respond.

This is very sad as “Die Renoster Horing Fees” is competing against the bigger festivals for the title of  “Fiesta gewildste fees”. Die Renoster Horing Fees” is already one of the finalists in this competition  Imagine that it would have been this festivals third year! This festival not only supports a very important cause but also supply SANParks and especially Kruger National Park with needed equipment the fight off the wave of Rhino Poaching.


Horing fees 2013

Rhino Buddies were represented at all the “Renoster Horing Fees” festivals in the past! It were expertly run and it was always a pleasure to participate. We used this platform to do public awareness and discuss various counter poaching and poaching with the general public. In 2012 Rhino buddies demonstrated their tracking device by tracking the sponsored game viewing vehicle who took people to view the Rhinos on adjacent Forever properties. Festival goers could view the movement of the tracking device on the vehicle and by radio communication the exact location of the vehicle verified!

















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